Looking for a fiduciary?
We’re here for you.
Our Team Works for You.

Whether you’re looking to manage a legacy, to have an impact, or to
find another way of working with your advisors, we provide the experience
and expertise to open doors you may not have considered previously and
to help you navigate the course we choose together.


We are a planning and advisory firm committed to growing wealth by caring about people and the planet.



We are hopeful. We believe in giving back. We respect the natural world.


We are professional. We are guided by truth and honor. We connect values with action.


We are tenacious. We strive for solutions. We work for you.


We are educators. We believe there is strength in knowledge. We help inform your decisions.


Northfork_financial_bozemanNorthFork Financial provides independent consulting and advisory services to individuals and organizations who want to act upon their respective goals and values.

Some simply want to make sound financial decisions based on objective information. Others want their financial decisions to contribute positively to the world around them. We work with you to evaluate your current situation, gauge your priorities, and develop specific approaches to help you achieve your personal vision.


We are fiduciaries.

Our only obligation is to you – our client. We do not sell or promote any particular product or service.

We are educators.

We work to help you understand the connection between your personal situation and the financial world at large.

We are transparent.

We communicate fully the costs associated with any recommendations or course of action.

We are flexible.

We offer a variety of hourly consulting and advisory fee schedules to meet your needs.

We are experts.

For nearly a decade, we have successfully researched and implemented investment plans that have served our clients needs while benefiting our global community and the environment.


If you have questions you’d like to discuss, get in touch with us.

We do not charge for an initial consultation.

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